Roggendorf, Germany: information and visitor reviews

Roggendorf is situated in Germany, in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region where it is within Nordwestmecklenburg. It is also an administrative centre for the local region.

Photos of Roggendorf and surrounding region

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Tourism and sports

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Coastal highlights close to Roggendorf.

Rethwiese (Island) (11 km)
Priester-See (Cove) (13 km)
Spieringshorst (Island) (25 km)


Selected monuments in or near Roggendorf (not a comprehensive list,
we are always adding additional monuments).

Schloss Seedorf (Castle) (13 km)
Schloss Tressow (Castle) (25 km)

Natural highlights

Natural highlights such as lakes, forests and mountains close to Roggendorf.

Forst Rehna (Forest) (4 km)
Goldensee (Lake) (5 km)
Jacobstein (Hill) (6 km)
Neddersee (Lake) (6 km)
Bauerholz (Forest) (6 km)
Luneburger Berg (Hill) (6 km)
Moor-Berg (Hill) (6 km)
Dohlen (Forest) (6 km)
Roggeliner See (Lake) (7 km)
Culpiner See (Pond) (7 km)
Holzkoppel-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Ruthen-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Niendorfer Binnensee (Lake) (7 km)
Hof-See (Lake) (8 km)
Grosser See (Lake) (8 km)
Bernstorffer Binnensee (Lake) (9 km)
Winter Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Forst Neu Dragun (Forest) (9 km)
Gramm-See (Pond) (10 km)
Damm (Forest) (10 km)
Eichhorst (Forest) (10 km)
Lankower See (Lake) (11 km)
Der Baalen (Forest) (11 km)
Stichstocken-Berg (Hill) (11 km)
Garren-See (Lake) (11 km)
Forst Schonberg (Forest) (11 km)
Garrensee-Holz (Forest) (11 km)
Grossen-Holz (Forest) (12 km)
Teufelsbrucke (Point) (12 km)
Lassahner See (Lake) (12 km)
Der Werder (Peninsula) (12 km)
Salemer Heide (Heath) (12 km)
Strucken (Forest) (12 km)
Pfuhl-See (Pond) (12 km)
Piper-See (Lake) (13 km)
Rosenower Fichten (Forest) (13 km)
Machandel-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Burg Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Neuenkirchener See (Lake) (13 km)
Kuchen-See (Bay) (13 km)
Mechower See (Lake) (13 km)
Schaalsee (Lake) (13 km)
Salemer Moor (Moorland) (13 km)
Borgsee (Lake) (13 km)
Sophienmoor (Marsh) (13 km)
Staffeins Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Salemer See (Lake) (13 km)
Vietlubber See (Lake) (13 km)
Schaalsee (Lake) (14 km)
Wozer See (Lake) (14 km)
Techiner See (Lake) (14 km)
Mechower Holz (Forest) (15 km)
Hundebusch (Forest) (15 km)
Sau-Berg (Hill) (15 km)
Seedorfer Forst (Forest) (15 km)
Boissower See (Lake) (15 km)
Tiergarten (Forest) (15 km)
Bultmoor (Moorland) (15 km)
Naturpark Lauenburgische Seen (Nature reserve) (16 km)
Gadebuscher Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Schwalken-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Kirchensee (Lake) (17 km)
Kuchensee (Lake) (17 km)
Cramoner See (Lake) (17 km)
Seebruch (Forest) (17 km)
Schafer Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Im Braken (Forest) (17 km)
Trappenberg (Hill) (17 km)
Waterberg (Hill) (17 km)
Forst Testorf (Forest) (17 km)
Ziegen-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Konigs-Moor (Forest) (17 km)
Dummersee (Lake) (18 km)
Kogeler Wald (Forest) (18 km)
Ratzeburger See (Lake) (18 km)
Forst Gostorf (Forest) (18 km)
Hutter Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Kalkkuhlen-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Howarts-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Grosser Danen-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Forst Rupensdorf (Forest) (19 km)
Dremm-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Heegeholz (Forest) (19 km)
Wahrholz (Forest) (19 km)
Dummerhutter Forst (Forest) (19 km)
Schleusenholz (Forest) (19 km)
Wotenitzer Tannen (Forest) (19 km)
Pinnsee (Pond) (20 km)
Seemoor (Marsh) (20 km)
Das Grosse Moor (Marsh) (20 km)
Hohe Buch Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Wensohlenberg (Forest) (21 km)
Wensohlengrund (Valley) (21 km)
Oldenburger See (Pond) (21 km)
Hell-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Rabenhorn (Forest) (21 km)
Bannauer Moor (Moorland) (21 km)
Auf der Heide (Forest) (21 km)
Die Soring (Forest) (21 km)
Lust-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Segrahner Berg (Forest) (21 km)
Vielbecker See (Lake) (22 km)
Brunsmarker Tannen (Forest) (22 km)
Segrahner See (Lake) (22 km)
Blankensee (Lake) (22 km)
Ploggen See (Lake) (22 km)
Hatz-Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Drusensee (Lake) (23 km)
Rosengartener Tannen (Forest) (23 km)
Krebs-See (Lake) (23 km)
Gudower See (Lake) (23 km)
Grossen Drusen (Forest) (24 km)
Kleinen Drusen (Forest) (24 km)
Palingener Heide (Heath) (24 km)
Everstorfer Forst (Forest) (24 km)
Sarnekower See (Lake) (24 km)
Schweriner Berg (Hill) (24 km)
Lehmrader Tannen (Forest) (25 km)
Lott-See (Pond) (25 km)
Mordkuhle (Forest) (25 km)
Schwarz-See (Pond) (25 km)
Grambeker Bauertannen (Forest) (26 km)
Tressower See (Lake) (26 km)
Jameler Forst (Forest) (26 km)
Gottiner Tannen (Forest) (27 km)

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Geographical information

Place name: Roggendorf

Sub-region: Nordwestmecklenburg

Main Region: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Latitude: 53.7 North (53°42'0"N)

Longitude: 11.01667 East (11°1'0"E)

Altitude: 52 metres above sea-level

Population: 1029 (most recent estimate only)

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  • distance from Berlin: 206 km
  • distance from Hamburg: 67 km
  • distance from Munich: 620 km
  • distance from Cologne: 413 km
  • distance from Frankfurt: 429 km
  • distance from Essen: 368 km
  • distance from Stuttgart: 562 km
  • distance from Dortmund: 341 km
  • distance from Dusseldorf: 398 km
  • distance from Bremen: 162 km
  • distance from Hannover: 171 km

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