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Questenberg is situated in Germany, in the Sachsen-Anhalt region.

Map of Questenberg & places to visit nearby

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Geographical information

Place name: Questenberg

Main Region: Sachsen-Anhalt

Country: Germany

Latitude: 51.4937 North (51°29'37"N)

Longitude: 11.12009 East (11°7'12"E)

Altitude: 208 metres above sea-level

Population: 323 (most recent estimate only)

Distance from Questenberg to other selected towns in Germany

Distances are 'as the crow flies' not driving distances!

  • distance from Berlin: 194 km
  • distance from Hamburg: 243 km
  • distance from Munich: 375 km
  • distance from Cologne: 297 km
  • distance from Frankfurt: 230 km
  • distance from Essen: 284 km
  • distance from Stuttgart: 332 km
  • distance from Dortmund: 253 km
  • distance from Dusseldorf: 303 km
  • distance from Bremen: 236 km
  • distance from Hannover: 136 km

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Long term Questenberg weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Questenberg and the Sachsen-Anhalt region.

Tourism and sports

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Selected monuments in or near Questenberg (not a comprehensive list,
we are always adding additional monuments).

Ruine Morungsburg (Ancient site) (8 km)
Ruine Rothenburg (Ruin) (9 km)
Ruine Falkenburg (Ruin) (15 km)
Ruine Ebersburg (Ruin) (18 km)
Ruine Burg Anhalt (Ruin) (20 km)
Ruine Erichsburg (Ruin) (20 km)
Ruine Arensburg (Ruin) (21 km)
Ruine Burg Hohenstein (Ruin) (21 km)
Ruine Heinrichsburg (Ruin) (21 km)
Schloss Allstedt (Castle) (22 km)

Natural highlights

Natural highlights such as lakes, forests and mountains close to Questenberg.

Hoher-Kopf (Hill) (1 km)
Arms-Berg (Hill) (1 km)
Roter Kopf (Hill) (2 km)
Haardt-Berg (Hill) (2 km)
Agnesdorfer Kopf (Hill) (3 km)
Rees-Berg (Hill) (3 km)
Harand (Hill) (3 km)
Bullhugel (Hill) (4 km)
Hoher Kopf (Hill) (4 km)
Forst Rossla (Forest) (4 km)
Anken-Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Grosser Buch-Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Breite Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Roter Berg (Hill) (6 km)
Morunger Forst (Forest) (6 km)
Wallhauser-Berg (Hill) (6 km)
Silber-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Hirschbach-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Jagers-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Bruckner Holzchen (Forest) (7 km)
Geiers-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Baren-Kopfe (Hills) (8 km)
Grosser Barenkopf (Hill) (8 km)
Mooskammer (Forest) (8 km)
Ilsenkopf (Hill) (8 km)
Haus-Berg (Hill) (8 km)
Kleiner Barenkopf (Hill) (8 km)
Gansekopf (Hill) (8 km)
Sperberhohe (Hill) (9 km)
See Kopf (Hill) (9 km)
Kyffhauser (Hill) (9 km)
Forst Wippra (Forest) (9 km)
Birk-Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Forst Kyffhausen (Forest) (9 km)
Kulpenberg (Hill) (10 km)
Hut-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Kauz-Berge (Hills) (10 km)
Tannen-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Heidelbeerkopf (Hill) (10 km)
Wippertalsperre (Reservoir) (10 km)
Siebengemeindewald (Forest) (10 km)
Kyffhauser Gebirge (Mountains) (10 km)
Gieten-Kopf (Hill) (10 km)
Schnee-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Altendorfer Klippen (Ridge) (10 km)
Schlosschen Kopf (Hill) (10 km)
Forst Rathsfeld (Forest) (11 km)
Konigsholz (Forest) (11 km)
Kulmer-Berg (Hill) (11 km)
Talsperre Kelbra (Reservoir) (11 km)
Melm-See (Lake) (11 km)
Krummschlachtal (Valley) (11 km)
Baumelburg (Hill) (11 km)
Halde Thomas-Muenzer-Schacht (Hill) (11 km)
Hohl-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Nesselkopf (Hill) (12 km)
Hohe Linde (Hill) (12 km)
Lim-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Wipper-Berge (Hills) (12 km)
Reesberg (Hill) (12 km)
Monchen-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Konnicken-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Stockei (Hill) (13 km)
Helm-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Grosser Auerberg (Mountain) (13 km)
Lohkopf (Hill) (13 km)
Georgen-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Schlacht-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Wach-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Ochsenburg (Hill) (14 km)
Teufels-Teich (Lake) (14 km)
Teufelsgrund (Valley) (14 km)
Falkenburg (Hill) (14 km)
Kahlen-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Beinschuh (Hill) (14 km)
Scheitskopfe (Hills) (14 km)
Alter Stolberg (Ridge) (14 km)
Riem-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Forst Stolberg (Forest) (14 km)
Siefertsgrund (Valley) (14 km)
Hutdeckel (Hill) (14 km)
Forst Strassberg (Forest) (14 km)
Garten-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Heidenmaul (Hill) (15 km)
Poppenberg (Mountain) (15 km)
Barbarossahohle (Cave) (15 km)
Der Alte Stolberg (Hill) (15 km)
Haardt (Hill) (16 km)
Uhlen-Kopfe (Hills) (16 km)
Wein-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Hunds-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Forst Polsfeld (Forest) (16 km)
Ampen-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Urbacher Holz (Forest) (16 km)
Zwissels-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Ronnetal (Valley) (16 km)
Grosser Ronne-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Kleiner Ronne-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Singer-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Krons-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Forst Guntersberge (Forest) (17 km)
Hirschbuchenkopf (Hill) (17 km)
Linsen-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Kloster-Kopf (Hill) (17 km)
Forst Harzgerode (Forest) (18 km)
Kohl-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Bendelebener Gutsforst (Forest) (18 km)
Hohe Berge (Hills) (18 km)
Lindisch-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Sellen-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Kammer-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Winter-Kopf (Hill) (18 km)
Werns-Berge (Hills) (18 km)
Scharfe Hohe (Hill) (18 km)
Bernard-Koenen-Schacht 1 (Hill) (18 km)
Zimmer-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Bramkopf (Hill) (18 km)
Kyffhauser-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Stein-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Giers-Kopfe (Hill) (19 km)
Eichen-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Retten-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Riegel-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Unterharz (Hills) (19 km)
Oster-Kopf (Hill) (19 km)
Hammaer Stein-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Kutschers-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Borntalskopfe (Hills) (19 km)
Lehn-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Friedenstal (Valley) (19 km)
Grosse Bretten-Berge (Hills) (19 km)
Ross-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Schon-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Heim-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Bettler (Hill) (20 km)
Warten-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Sondershausen Stadtforst (Forest) (20 km)
Kleiner Brocken (Hill) (20 km)
Birkenkopf (Hill) (20 km)
Ameisen-Kopf (Hill) (20 km)
Windleite (Ridge) (20 km)
Haus-Berge (Hills) (20 km)
Seehauser Wald (Forest) (20 km)
Rammelburger Forst (Forest) (20 km)
Forst Annarode (Forest) (20 km)
Kleiner Haus-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Grosser Haus-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Heidel-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Sau-Berge (Hills) (20 km)
Kuhberg (Hill) (21 km)
Bernard-Koenen-Schacht 2 (Hill) (21 km)
Kunkelhohe (Hill) (21 km)
Fils-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Grosse Harzhohe (Hill) (21 km)
Herz-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Pass-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Gillenkopf (Hill) (21 km)
Forst Meisdorf (Forest) (21 km)
Langenberg (Hill) (21 km)
Hopfen-Berge (Hills) (21 km)
Forst Neudorf (Forest) (21 km)
Schweinshofe (Ridge) (21 km)
Heringer Wald (Forest) (22 km)
Schachhugel (Hill) (22 km)
Schimmels-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Fuchsel-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Grosser Schwedeberg (Hill) (22 km)
Forst Huftal (Forest) (22 km)
Forst Stiege (Forest) (22 km)
Thielekenberg (Hill) (22 km)
Furraer Wald (Forest) (22 km)
Krummer Bach (Hill) (23 km)
Kleiner Krons-Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Hackel-Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Forst Hachelbich (Forest) (23 km)
Gross Gehren-Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Woll-Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Sattlers-Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Kloster-Forst Ilfeld (Forest) (23 km)
Behrkopfe (Hills) (23 km)
Frauen-Berg (Hill) (24 km)
Gehren-Berge (Hills) (24 km)
Klein Gehren-Berg (Hill) (24 km)
Hainleite (Mountains) (25 km)
Leckenkopf (Hill) (25 km)
Forst Sondershausen Ost (Forest) (26 km)
Lind-Berg (Hill) (26 km)
Hoher-Berg (Hill) (26 km)
Rode-Berg (Hill) (27 km)
Giers-Berg (Hill) (27 km)
Tubbecken-Berg (Hill) (27 km)
Forst Hasselfelde Zwei (Forest) (28 km)
Grosse Haardt (Hill) (28 km)


Railway stations identified as being in or close to Questenberg.

Bahnhof Ichstedt (13 km)
Bahnhof Riestedt (18 km)

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Long term Questenberg weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Questenberg and the Sachsen-Anhalt region.

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