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Mockrehna is situated in Germany, in the Sachsen region where it is within Leipzig and the local Nordsachsen area. It is also an administrative centre for the local region.

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Geographical information

Place name: Mockrehna

Local Region: Nordsachsen

Sub-region: Leipzig

Main Region: Sachsen

Country: Germany

Latitude: 51.50757 North (51°30'27"N)

Longitude: 12.81418 East (12°48'51"E)

Altitude: 104 metres above sea-level

Population: 5718 (most recent estimate only)

Distance from Mockrehna to other selected towns in Germany

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  • distance from Berlin: 120 km
  • distance from Hamburg: 298 km
  • distance from Munich: 385 km
  • distance from Cologne: 413 km
  • distance from Frankfurt: 329 km
  • distance from Essen: 402 km
  • distance from Stuttgart: 399 km
  • distance from Dortmund: 370 km
  • distance from Dusseldorf: 420 km
  • distance from Bremen: 323 km
  • distance from Hannover: 232 km

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Long term Mockrehna weather forecast

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Tourism and sports

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Natural highlights

Natural highlights such as lakes, forests and mountains close to Mockrehna.

Eilenburger Ratsforst (Forest) (1 km)
Loschin-Berg (Hill) (4 km)
Forst Doberschutz (Forest) (4 km)
Gold Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Forst Sitzenroda (Forest) (5 km)
Krahen-Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Grosser Muhl-Teich (Pond) (5 km)
Kirch-Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Wachthubel (Hill) (5 km)
Frauen-Teich (Pond) (6 km)
Rohr-Teich (Pond) (6 km)
Wildenhainer Bruch (Marsh) (6 km)
Rocknitzer Berge (Hills) (7 km)
Holz-Teich (Pond) (7 km)
Witrow-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Muhl-Berg (Hill) (8 km)
Gaudlitz Berg (Hill) (8 km)
Zadlitzbruch (Marsh) (8 km)
Hohburger Heide (Forest) (8 km)
Frauen-Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Burzel Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Lottig-Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Schildauer Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Holz-Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Loebenberg (Hill) (10 km)
Suptitzer Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Neumuhl-Teich (Pond) (10 km)
Presseler Teich (Pond) (10 km)
Forst Thammenhain (Forest) (10 km)
Lause-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Grunaer Wald (Forest) (11 km)
Galgen-Berg (Hill) (11 km)
Pfluckuff (Forest) (11 km)
Mittelheide (Heath) (11 km)
Forst Falkenberg (Forest) (11 km)
Kleiner-Berg (Hill) (11 km)
Wolfs-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Spitz-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Grosser Teich (Lake) (12 km)
Gehege-Teich (Pond) (13 km)
Fuchs-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Dommitzscher Stadtforst (Forest) (14 km)
Konigs-Teich (Pond) (14 km)
Period Teich (Pond) (14 km)
Granigk (Forest) (14 km)
Breiter Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Kampf-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Hunde-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Dammuhlenteich (Pond) (15 km)
Kuchen-Teich (Pond) (15 km)
Alte Elbe (Lake) (15 km)
Grosse Oberheide (Heath) (15 km)
Schussel-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Tiglitz (Forest) (16 km)
Stolpen-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Forst Taura (Forest) (16 km)
Oberer Runditzteich (Pond) (16 km)
Paditz Teich (Pond) (16 km)
Unterer Runditzteich (Pond) (16 km)
Dahlener Heide (Heath) (17 km)
Mutterloser Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Golmes-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Reichenbacher Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Forst Sollichau (Forest) (18 km)
Ausreisser-Teich (Pond) (18 km)
Galgen-Teich (Pond) (18 km)
Spitze (Forest) (18 km)
Heiden-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Stadtforst Belgern (Forest) (18 km)
Wald-Teich (Pond) (18 km)
Mandel-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Stadtforst Torgau (Forest) (19 km)
Sahlweiden Teich (Pond) (19 km)
Noitzscher Heide (Forest) (19 km)
Muhl-Teich (Pond) (19 km)
Fuchs-Berge (Hills) (19 km)
Forst Reudnitz (Forest) (19 km)
Dreien-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Langer-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Vorderheide (Heath) (19 km)
Grosser Kuh-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Schatz-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Neuer Teich (Pond) (20 km)
Buchberge (Hills) (20 km)
Wach-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Lerchen-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Peritsch-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Vorderer Planitz (Forest) (20 km)
Vogel-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Doktor-Teich (Pond) (20 km)
Dom-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Wurzel-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Schmiedeberger Stadtforst (Forest) (20 km)
Stein-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Schnaditzer Wald (Forest) (21 km)
Wolfsberge (Hills) (21 km)
Tresen (Forest) (21 km)
Forst Leulitz (Forest) (21 km)
Hirschkopf (Hill) (21 km)
Hinterheide (Heath) (21 km)
Puchauer Wald (Forest) (21 km)
Weisse-Berge (Hills) (21 km)
Stollen-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Milch-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Globigsheide (Heath) (22 km)
Heide-Teich (Pond) (22 km)
Vordere Heide (Heath) (22 km)
Zahl-Teich (Pond) (22 km)
Scharfenberg (Hill) (22 km)
Scharfen-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Gabel-Berge (Hills) (22 km)
Forst Rosenfeld (Forest) (22 km)
Dubener Heide (Forest) (22 km)
Schwarzer Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Schweden-Berge (Hills) (23 km)
Forst Tornau (Forest) (24 km)
Brosaer Holz (Forest) (24 km)
Dorn Berg (Hill) (24 km)
Forst Annaburg (Forest) (26 km)


Railway stations identified as being in or close to Mockrehna.

Bahnhof Mortitz (10 km)
Bahnhof Pfluckuff (13 km)
Bahnhof Eilenburg (14 km)
Bahnhof Dornreichenbach (18 km)
Bahnhof Kammereiforst (19 km)
Bahnhof Dahlen (21 km)

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Long term Mockrehna weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Mockrehna and the Sachsen region.

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