Kelkheim (Taunus), Germany: tourism, information and visitor reviews

Kelkheim (Taunus) is situated in Germany, in the Hessen region.

Map of Kelkheim (Taunus) & places to visit nearby

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Geographical information

Place name: Kelkheim (Taunus)

Main Region: Hessen

Country: Germany

Latitude: 50.13703 North (50°8'13"N)

Longitude: 8.4502 East (8°27'0"E)

Altitude: 198 metres above sea-level

Population: 26814 (most recent estimate only)

Distance from Kelkheim (Taunus) to other selected towns in Germany

Distances are 'as the crow flies' not driving distances!

  • distance from Berlin: 435 km
  • distance from Hamburg: 397 km
  • distance from Munich: 318 km
  • distance from Cologne: 138 km
  • distance from Frankfurt: 17 km
  • distance from Essen: 178 km
  • distance from Stuttgart: 160 km
  • distance from Dortmund: 168 km
  • distance from Dusseldorf: 169 km
  • distance from Bremen: 328 km
  • distance from Hannover: 264 km

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More places in the same region

We have located 10 other place(s) listed nearby (within 7 kilometres of Kelkheim (Taunus)):

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Long term Kelkheim (Taunus) weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Kelkheim (Taunus) and the Hessen region.

Tourism and sports

...with places to visit and transport


Opel Zoo (Zoo) (6 km)
Schwanheimer-Duenen (Park) (9 km)
Rebstock (Park) (12 km)
Niddapark (Park) (13 km)
Grueneburgpark (Park) (15 km)
Friedberger Anlage (Park) (17 km)
Bethmannpark (Park) (17 km)
Guethersburgpark (Park) (18 km)
Zoo Frankfurt (Zoo) (18 km)
Huthpark (Park) (19 km)
Ostpark (Park) (19 km)
Lohrberg (Park) (20 km)


Coastal highlights close to Kelkheim (Taunus).

Petersaue (Island) (19 km)
Osthafen (Harbour) (19 km)
Bleiaue (Island) (19 km)
Rettbergsaue (Island) (20 km)
Bismarcks-Aue (Island) (21 km)


Selected monuments in or near Kelkheim (Taunus) (not a comprehensive list,
we are always adding additional monuments).

Kleinkastell Maisel (Ancient site) (10 km)
Kastell Feldberg (Ancient site) (10 km)
Kastell Alteburg-Heftrich (Ancient site) (11 km)
Kleinkastell Alteburg-Heftrich 1 (Ancient site) (11 km)
Kleinkastell Alteburg-Heftrich 2 (Ancient site) (11 km)
Kleinkastell Eichelgarten (Ancient site) (12 km)
Kleinkastell Altes Jagdhaus (Ancient site) (12 km)
Heidenstock (Ruin) (14 km)
Kleinkastell Heidenstock (Ancient site) (14 km)
Bismarckturm Wiesbaden (Ruin) (14 km)
Leonhardskirche (Church) (17 km)
Paulskirche (Church) (17 km)
Frankfurter Dom (Church) (17 km)
Saalburg (Ancient site) (17 km)
Kleinkastell Saalburg 2 (Ancient site) (17 km)
Kleinkastell Saalburg 1 (Ancient site) (17 km)
Kastell Zugmantel (Ancient site) (19 km)
Zugmantel (Ancient site) (19 km)
Kleinkastell Lochmuehle (Ancient site) (19 km)
Mainz Cathedral (Church) (20 km)
Drususstein (Monument) (20 km)
Schloss Wolfsgarten (Castle) (22 km)
Kleinkastell Rittergraeber (Ancient site) (23 km)
Kastell Kapersburg (Ancient site) (24 km)

Natural highlights

Natural highlights such as lakes, forests and mountains close to Kelkheim (Taunus).

Lorsbacher Kopf (Mountain) (2 km)
Hahnen-Kopf (Hill) (2 km)
Staufen (Mountain) (2 km)
Hofheimer Wald (Forest) (3 km)
Kapellenberg (Mountain) (4 km)
Zeils-Berg (Hill) (5 km)
Rossert (Mountain) (5 km)
Forst Hofheim (Forest) (5 km)
Bahnholz (Hill) (6 km)
Pannen-Berg (Hill) (6 km)
Eichkopf (Mountain) (6 km)
Atzelberg (Mountain) (6 km)
Romberg (Mountain) (6 km)
Seien-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Hammers-Berg (Hill) (7 km)
Forst Konigstein (Forest) (7 km)
Kuppel (Hill) (7 km)
Kronberger Stadtwald (Forest) (7 km)
Spitzerberg (Mountain) (8 km)
Ober Berg (Hill) (8 km)
Datten-Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Altkonig (Hill) (9 km)
Huenerberg (Hill) (9 km)
Butznickel (Mountain) (9 km)
Oberurseler Stadtwald (Forest) (9 km)
Hocken-Berg (Hill) (9 km)
Glaskopf (Mountain) (9 km)
Kleiner Feldberg (Mountain) (9 km)
Grosser Lindenkopf (Mountain) (10 km)
Schafers-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Buchwalds-Kopf (Hill) (10 km)
Nickel (Mountain) (10 km)
Weilsberg (Mountain) (11 km)
Grosser Feldberg (Mountain) (11 km)
Hohemark (Forest) (11 km)
Kelsterbacher Wald (Forest) (11 km)
Toten-Berg (Hill) (11 km)
Goldgrube (Hill) (11 km)
Kellerskopf (Mountain) (12 km)
Theisstal (Valley) (12 km)
Kitzel-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Kolbenberg (Mountain) (12 km)
Huehnerberg (Mountain) (13 km)
Forst Homburg (Forest) (13 km)
Krimmel-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Saengelberg (Mountain) (13 km)
Heisse-Kopf (Hill) (13 km)
Ringenkopf (Hill) (13 km)
Landgrafen-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Weisse Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Bechtewald (Hill) (13 km)
Hohe Kanzel (Mountain) (13 km)
Bleibes-Kopf (Hill) (14 km)
Pfaffenrod (Hill) (14 km)
Rassel (Mountain) (14 km)
Klingen-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Bischofsheimer Wald (Forest) (14 km)
Is-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Ried-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Rosskopf (Mountain) (14 km)
Forst Oberreifenberg (Forest) (14 km)
Judenkopf (Mountain) (14 km)
Grosser Eichwald (Mountain) (15 km)
Dinkelstein (Hill) (15 km)
Herzberg (Mountain) (15 km)
Hainerberg (Hill) (15 km)
Anspacher Wald (Forest) (15 km)
Hoher Wald (Hill) (15 km)
Homburger Stadtwald (Forest) (15 km)
Feldkopf (Mountain) (15 km)
Hollerkopf (Hill) (15 km)
Eschenhahner Heide (Hill) (15 km)
Gundwald (Forest) (16 km)
Stahlnheiner Grund (Valley) (16 km)
Wuerzburg (Hill) (16 km)
Petersberg (Hill) (16 km)
Langhals (Mountain) (16 km)
Steinhaufen (Mountain) (16 km)
Russelsheimer Wald (Forest) (16 km)
Bahnholzer Kopf (Hill) (16 km)
Bremer Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Nero-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Elisabethen-Hohe (Hill) (16 km)
Neuberg (Hill) (16 km)
Hochheimer Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Steinchen (Hill) (17 km)
Nollen (Hill) (17 km)
Pferdskopf (Mountain) (17 km)
Pfaffen-Kopf (Hill) (17 km)
Ruger (Hill) (17 km)
Hardtwald (Forest) (17 km)
Konigstadter Wald (Forest) (17 km)
Gickelsburg (Mountain) (18 km)
Eichelberg (Mountain) (18 km)
Rentmauer (Mountain) (18 km)
Forst Sonnenberg (Forest) (18 km)
Hessel-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Lehrn-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Conrads Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Auf dem Berge (Hill) (18 km)
Todten-Kopf (Hill) (18 km)
Nessel-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Langener Wald (Forest) (19 km)
Wurgeser Wald (Forest) (19 km)
Stabelstein (Hill) (19 km)
Wolfskuppel (Hill) (19 km)
Schlichter (Forest) (19 km)
Taunus (Mountains) (19 km)
Hal-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Bleidenstadter Kopf (Hill) (19 km)
Haidchen (Hill) (19 km)
Frankfurter Stadtwald (Forest) (19 km)
Altenstein (Mountain) (19 km)
Stock-Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Winter-Kopf (Hill) (20 km)
Graue Berg (Mountain) (20 km)
Geiers-Kopf (Hill) (20 km)
Breister-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Steinmann (Hill) (21 km)
Hohelai (Hill) (21 km)
Valshagen-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Fichtenkopf (Hill) (21 km)
Wehrheimer Wald (Forest) (21 km)
Stueckelberg (Mountain) (22 km)
Camberger Stadtwald (Forest) (22 km)
Schlink (Hill) (22 km)
Eulers-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Nauheimer Oberwald (Forest) (22 km)
Huhnergrund (Valley) (22 km)
Susse-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Forst Dreieich (Forest) (22 km)
Hechtsheimer Hohe (Hill) (22 km)
Laubenheimer Hohe (Hill) (22 km)
Wellen Berg (Hill) (23 km)
Salz Berg (Hill) (24 km)
Saukopf (Hill) (24 km)
Im Goldenen Grund (Valley) (24 km)
Bruch-Berg (Hill) (24 km)
Lenneberg (Hill) (24 km)
Auf der Strut (Hill) (25 km)
Schanzen-Kopf (Hill) (25 km)
Dachskopf (Hill) (25 km)
Keller Berg (Hill) (26 km)
Egelswoog (Lake) (26 km)
Blauden Berg (Hill) (27 km)
Ober-Olmer Wald (Forest) (28 km)


Golf courses and race tracks in the vicinity of Kelkheim (Taunus).

Frankfurt Racecourse (Racecourse) (16 km)


Railway stations identified as being in or close to Kelkheim (Taunus).

Bad Soden Bahnhof (4 km)
Haltepunkt Frankfurt-Unterliederbach (7 km)
Haltepunkt Frankfurt-Sindlingen (7 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Hochst (8 km)
Haltepunkt Frankfurt-Sossenheim (8 km)
Haltepunkt Frankfurt-Nied (9 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Griesheim (11 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Rodelheim (11 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Schwanheim (11 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-West (14 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Niederrad (15 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Sportfeld (15 km)
Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (16 km)
Bahnhof Lufthafen Rhein-Main (16 km)
Bahnhof Bonames (17 km)
Wiesbaden Central Station (17 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Louisa (17 km)
Haltestelle Landesdenkmal (17 km)
Mainz-Bischofsheim station (17 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Sud (17 km)
Bahnhof Wiesbaden Ost (17 km)
Bahnhof Wiesbaden-Biebrich (17 km)
Bahnhof Neu Isenburg (18 km)
Bahnhof Worsdorf (19 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Ost (19 km)
Bahnhof Mainz-Gustavsburg (19 km)
Bahnhof Mainz-Kastel (19 km)
Bahnhof Saalburg (19 km)
Bahnhof Frankfurt-Oberrad (19 km)
Bahnhof Mainz Roemisches Theater (20 km)
Bahnhof Mainz-Weisenau (20 km)
Hauptbahnhof Mainz (20 km)
Bahnhof Mainz-Mombach (21 km)
Bahnhof Mainz-Gonsenheim (23 km)

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Long term Kelkheim (Taunus) weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Kelkheim (Taunus) and the Hessen region.

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