Furstenwalde, Germany: tourism, information and visitor reviews

Furstenwalde is situated in Germany, in the Brandenburg region.

Map of Furstenwalde & places to visit nearby

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Geographical information

Place name: Furstenwalde

Main Region: Brandenburg

Country: Germany

Latitude: 52.36067 North (52°21'38"N)

Longitude: 14.06185 East (14°3'42"E)

Altitude: 44 metres above sea-level

Population: 33539 (most recent estimate only)

Distance from Furstenwalde to other selected towns in Germany

Distances are 'as the crow flies' not driving distances!

  • distance from Berlin: 48 km
  • distance from Hamburg: 303 km
  • distance from Munich: 502 km
  • distance from Cologne: 515 km
  • distance from Frankfurt: 450 km
  • distance from Essen: 494 km
  • distance from Stuttgart: 526 km
  • distance from Dortmund: 462 km
  • distance from Dusseldorf: 517 km
  • distance from Bremen: 363 km
  • distance from Hannover: 294 km

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We have located 3 other place(s) listed nearby (within 7 kilometres of Furstenwalde):

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Long term Furstenwalde weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Furstenwalde and the Brandenburg region.

Tourism and sports

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Coastal highlights close to Furstenwalde.

Grosser Werl (Island) (9 km)
Kleiner Werl (Island) (10 km)


Selected monuments in or near Furstenwalde (not a comprehensive list,
we are always adding additional monuments).

Schloss Falkenhagen (Castle) (20 km)

Natural highlights

Natural highlights such as lakes, forests and mountains close to Furstenwalde.

Biermanns-Berg (Hill) (2 km)
Hochwald (Forest) (4 km)
Beerenbusch (Forest) (4 km)
Trebuser See (Lake) (4 km)
Schanzgraben-Berg (Hill) (4 km)
Elsbruch (Marsh) (5 km)
Krugschutz-Heide (Heath) (6 km)
Rauensche Berge (Hills) (6 km)
Kleine Heide (Heath) (6 km)
Soldaten-Berge (Hills) (6 km)
Dubrow-Berge (Hills) (6 km)
Stein-pfuhl (Pond) (6 km)
Grosser Pfuhl (Pond) (6 km)
Sand-Pfuhl (Pond) (6 km)
Teegensee (Lake) (7 km)
Fuhrmanns-See (Lake) (8 km)
Dehmsee (Lake) (8 km)
Lause-Berge (Hills) (8 km)
Grosser Kolpiner See (Lake) (8 km)
Fisch-Pfuhl (Pond) (8 km)
Rehberge (Hills) (9 km)
Dolenz (Forest) (9 km)
Brandheide (Forest) (9 km)
Rehgrund (Valley) (9 km)
An Berge (Hills) (9 km)
Furstenwalder Stadtforst (Forest) (9 km)
Wildheide (Heath) (9 km)
Hoher Zaun-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Kleiner Kolpiner See (Lake) (10 km)
Schwatz-Berg (Hill) (10 km)
Forst Hangelsberg (Forest) (10 km)
Tempelberger Forst (Forest) (10 km)
Brandfichten (Forest) (11 km)
Forst Golsdorfer (Forest) (11 km)
Kosakenberge (Hills) (11 km)
Sydows-Berg (Hill) (11 km)
Schorfwinkel (Forest) (11 km)
Kirchbito-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Forst Neubruck (Forest) (12 km)
Grosser Gliening-See (Lake) (12 km)
Hollengrunde (Forest) (12 km)
Alaun-Berge (Hills) (12 km)
Gert-Pfuhl (Pond) (12 km)
Bullen-Berg (Hill) (12 km)
Braun-Berg (Hill) (13 km)
Sauener-Berge (Hills) (13 km)
Kleiner Gliening-See (Lake) (13 km)
Finken-Berge (Hills) (13 km)
Maxsee (Lake) (13 km)
Bettelgrund (Forest) (13 km)
Scharmutzelsee (Lake) (13 km)
Garz-See (Lake) (13 km)
Bullen-Pfuhl (Pond) (13 km)
Ziegel-Berg (Hill) (14 km)
Kersdorfer See (Lake) (14 km)
Liebenberger See (Lake) (14 km)
Stahnsdorfer See (Lake) (14 km)
Gollingsee (Marsh) (14 km)
Swatzke Berge (Hills) (14 km)
Grosser Storkower See (Lake) (14 km)
Duberow-Berge (Hills) (14 km)
Vorheide (Heath) (15 km)
Turken-Berg (Hill) (15 km)
Schwarz Berg (Hill) (15 km)
Scheuer-Berg (Hill) (15 km)
Storitzsee (Lake) (15 km)
Forst Kolpin (Forest) (15 km)
Krummeluch (Marsh) (15 km)
Schoner Berg (Hill) (15 km)
Friedrichs-Berg (Hill) (15 km)
Klee-Pfuhl (Pond) (16 km)
Elsensee (Lake) (16 km)
Forst Erkner (Forest) (16 km)
Sorgen-Berg (Hill) (16 km)
Petersdorfer See (Lake) (16 km)
Rotes Luch (Marsh) (16 km)
Baberowsee (Lake) (16 km)
Muncheberger Forst (Forest) (16 km)
Eckern-See (Lake) (16 km)
Herzberger See (Lake) (16 km)
Heinersdorfer See (Lake) (16 km)
Kuchen-See (Lake) (16 km)
Sauener See (Lake) (16 km)
Schaplowsee (Lake) (17 km)
Winkel-Berge (Hills) (17 km)
Schulzen-Pfuhl (Pond) (17 km)
Kleine Skaby-Berge (Hills) (17 km)
Peetzsee (Lake) (17 km)
Grunewaldsee (Lake) (17 km)
Biesel-Berg (Hill) (17 km)
Madlitzer See (Lake) (17 km)
Friedersdorfer Heide (Heath) (17 km)
Skaby-Berge (Hills) (17 km)
Grosse Storkower Stadtforst (Forest) (17 km)
Forst Rudersdorf (Forest) (17 km)
Gabelsee (Lake) (18 km)
Behlendorfer Wald (Forest) (18 km)
Triebschsee (Lake) (18 km)
Alter Wochow-See (Lake) (18 km)
Fauler See (Marsh) (18 km)
Grosser Schauener See (Lake) (18 km)
Lindenberger See (Lake) (18 km)
Brand-Berg (Hill) (18 km)
Galg-See (Lake) (18 km)
Kleiner Glubig-See (Lake) (18 km)
Klarer Pfuhl (Pond) (18 km)
Werlsee (Lake) (18 km)
Wergensee (Lake) (18 km)
Konigs Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Hute-Berg (Hill) (19 km)
Krengels-Berge (Hills) (19 km)
Sieversdorfer Heide (Heath) (19 km)
Schmielen-See (Lake) (19 km)
Kleiner Griesen-See (Lake) (19 km)
Grosser Glubig-See (Lake) (19 km)
Grosser Wochowsee (Lake) (19 km)
Forst Komthurei Lietzen (Forest) (19 km)
Kleiner Daber-See (Lake) (19 km)
Kirchen-See (Lake) (19 km)
Kleiner Wucksee (Lake) (19 km)
Grosser Griesen-See (Lake) (19 km)
Behrensdorfer Heide (Forest) (20 km)
Burg-See (Lake) (20 km)
Margareten Berg (Hill) (20 km)
Ahrensdorfer See (Lake) (20 km)
Grosser Selchower See (Lake) (20 km)
Heidereuter See (Lake) (20 km)
Grenz Pfuhl (Pond) (20 km)
Mollendorfer Heide (Heath) (20 km)
Wolziger See (Lake) (20 km)
Schlei-See (Lake) (20 km)
Eberkuthen (Lake) (20 km)
Klums-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Brand-See (Lake) (21 km)
Grosser Wucksee (Lake) (21 km)
Schwarz-Berge (Hills) (21 km)
Kutzing-See (Lake) (21 km)
Grosser Wotzensee (Lake) (21 km)
Kleiner Wotzensee (Lake) (21 km)
Falkenhagener Heide (Heath) (21 km)
Rother Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Woppusch-Halbinsel (Peninsula) (21 km)
Lumpsee (Lake) (21 km)
Glienitz-Berg (Hill) (21 km)
Bugker See (Lake) (21 km)
Teufels See (Pond) (21 km)
Blossiner Heide (Heath) (21 km)
Kranichs-Berge (Hills) (22 km)
Schweriner See (Lake) (22 km)
Kol-Berg (Hill) (22 km)
Grosser Krebs-See (Lake) (22 km)
Kleiner Krebs-See (Lake) (22 km)
Karrass-See (Lake) (22 km)
Grosser Raack-See (Lake) (22 km)
Kleiner Raack-See (Lake) (22 km)
Ogelner Forst (Forest) (22 km)
Kalkberge (Hills) (22 km)
Kriensee (Lake) (22 km)
Ogelsee (Lake) (23 km)
Stienitz-See (Lake) (23 km)
Kunkel-See (Lake) (23 km)
Linow-See (Lake) (23 km)
Dobrasee (Lake) (23 km)
Diedersdorfer Heide (Heath) (23 km)
Heinitzsee (Lake) (23 km)
Kuchensee (Lake) (24 km)
Karausch-See (Lake) (24 km)
Wermelin-See (Lake) (24 km)
Kalisch See (Lake) (24 km)
Halbe See (Lake) (24 km)
Ragower Forst (Forest) (24 km)
Kahle Berge (Hills) (24 km)
Streganzer Berg (Hill) (25 km)
Streganzer See (Lake) (25 km)
Weinbergs-See (Lake) (26 km)
Sandfichten (Forest) (27 km)


Railway stations identified as being in or close to Furstenwalde.

Haltepunkt Neuendorf Buchholz (5 km)
Bahnhof Bad Saarow-Pieskow (7 km)
Haltepunkt Saarow Sud (11 km)
Bahnhof Fangschleuse (17 km)
Bahnhof Scharmutzelsee (17 km)
Bahnhof Muncheberg (Mark) (18 km)
Bahnhof Rehfelde (21 km)
Bahnhof Rudersdorf (23 km)
Bahnhof Strausberg (24 km)

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Long term Furstenwalde weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Furstenwalde and the Brandenburg region.

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