Canna, Italy: tourism, information and visitor reviews

Canna is situated in Italy, in the Calabria region where it is within Cosenza. It is also a local administrative centre.

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Map of Canna & places to visit nearby

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Geographical information

Place name: Canna

Sub-region: Cosenza

Main Region: Calabria

Country: Italy

Latitude: 40.09391 North (40°5'38"N)

Longitude: 16.50429 East (16°30'15"E)

Altitude: 402 metres above sea-level

Population: 869 (most recent estimate only)

Distance from Canna to other selected towns in Italy

Distances are 'as the crow flies' not driving distances!

  • distance from Rome: 392 km
  • distance from Milano: 844 km
  • distance from Napoli: 208 km
  • distance from Turin: 909 km
  • distance from Palermo: 349 km
  • distance from Genova: 786 km
  • distance from Firenze: 596 km
  • distance from Bologna: 648 km
  • distance from Venezia: 685 km
  • distance from Catania: 313 km

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We have located 5 other place(s) listed nearby (within 7 kilometres of Canna):

Tourism and sports

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Coastal highlights close to Canna.

Capo Spulico (Cape) (18 km)

Natural highlights

Natural highlights such as lakes, forests and mountains close to Canna.

Monte Soprano (Mountain) (3 km)
Monte Sottano (Mountain) (5 km)
La Rotondella (Mountain) (12 km)
Lago del Prete (Lake) (22 km)


Railway stations identified as being in or close to Canna.

Stazione Monte Giordano (9 km)
Stazione di Nova Siri (13 km)
Stazione di Amendolara (21 km)

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Long term Canna weather forecast

If you are planning a visit be sure to see the long range weather forecast for Canna and the Calabria region.

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